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Charles is President and Mentor, Knowledge Era Enterprises (KEE International), and works with companies to discover the tremendous human potential of knowledge era enterprising. He writes, consults and speaks widely in the United States, Asia and Europe. His book, Fifth Generation Management, Co-creating through Virtual Enterprising, Dynamic Teaming and Knowledge Networking has been translated into Japanese, Korean, German and Portuguese. Tom Peters named it his business book of 1991 and wrote the preface for the 1996 edition.

Charles dislikes the term “knowledge management” even though it is so popular. Knowledge is not just to be managed, but instead it is a “process” of discovery, of discovering oneself, of discovering and building upon the competencies of our colleagues, and of discovering and leveraging the capabilities and aspirations of our suppliers and customers. While the Industrial Era scripted behavior, the emerging Knowledge Era asks for authenticity and co-creativity, and these are the key elements that can again re-ignite our business world.